Promises at midnight

A section
You can keep
your promises at midnight,
the words you share
hang in the air.
Keep a promise in the moonlight,
it’s what you say
the break of day,
matters much more to me.

A section
You can count
your blessings in a heartbeat,
feel the love
rising above.
Count a blessing in a backstreet,
now is the time
give me a sign,
what do you wanna be?

B section
Do you believe
you really know me?
Or the one
I have become?
What would you say
tomorrow morning?
In the glare
of midday sun?

A section
You can hide
and never have to face this,
leaving behind
what’s on your mind.
Hide and never have to place this,
tell me the truth,
(you’ve) nothing to lose,
tell me and set me free.

Copyright Keith Ames

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