I am currently recording a new album of self-penned material with the aim of releasing this on vinyl as soon as possible in 2021. The tracks include songs written as long ago as the early 1980s, through to brand new songs created during lockdown.

In the meantime, as an example of my catalogue, my album ‘Birdcage’ featuring the following 11 self-penned originals, is available via Spotify and on many major sites including iTunes and Amazon.

Nicoll Road  3m 23s
Shame  3m 8s
You hurt no-one but yourself  4m 48s
All over you  4m 12s
Radio play  3m 8s
The golden age of this romance  3m 35s
Keeping a dream alive  3m 38s
Blind drunk and stupid Cupid  2m 28s
Colleen  4m 9s
Love is all I have to give  3m 38s
The day she said I will  3m 41s

All songs written by Keith Ames

Produced and engineered by Greg Fitzgerald at Church Road Studios, Ealing.

The full line-up on the album is:

Keith Ames: lead and harmony vocals, guitars
Greg Fitzgerald: harmony vocals, keyboards, percussion, string arrangements
James Reynolds: harmonica (Nicoll Road / All over you)
Tina Barron: violin (You hurt no-one but yourself / The golden age of this romance)
Marianne de Chastelaine: cello (You hurt no-one but yourself)
Matt Schwartz: bass (Blind drunk and stupid Cupid)
Lorraine Haley: vocals (Shame)
Mae McKenna: vocals (Colleen)

Mastered by RPM

Album photography by Jonathan Stewart