Blondie at Chelsea Village

Forty years ago today, I could be found at Chelsea Village in Bournemouth (soon to be become known as the Stateside Centre) rammed up against the stage as Blondie delivered an excellent set of their massively popular New York rock. There was no doubting Debbie Harry’s presence (swoon) and the power of Clem Burke’s superb drumming. They were then, and remain to this day, the heartbeat and soul of the band for me. It had been a good month for concert-going, as on the 9th I had managed to get in free to Queen’s theatre gig at the Hippodrome in Bristol. An unusually small venue for the band at the time, who were apparently looking to resurrect some grassroots energy and direction. As Freddie said from the stage, “It is like having you all round for tea!” Something must have been amiss with band affairs though, as I remember bass player John Deacon throwing his instrument at Roger Taylor’s kit with some venom at the end of the evening.


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