On my Soundcloud profile you can hear examples of recent co-written tracks, such as Ain’t Nothing So Bad featuring guest vocalist Sharleen Linton.

My album Birdcage, featuring the following 11 self-penned originals, can also be heard via Soundcloud and is available to buy on many major sites including iTunes and Amazon.

Nicoll Road  3 mins 23
Shame  3 mins 08
You hurt no-one but yourself  4 mins 48
All over you  4 mins 12
Radio play  3 mins 08
The golden age of this romance  3 mins 35
Keeping a dream alive  3 mins 38
Blind drunk and stupid Cupid  2 mins 28
Colleen  4 mins 09
Love is all I have to give  3 mins 38
The day she said I will  3 mins 41

All songs written by Keith Ames
(Registered with PRS for Music)

Total running time: 39 mins 48

Reviewed as ‘accomplished, assured melodic pop rock’ and ‘extremely high calibre’, the album was produced and engineered by the highly-respected Greg Fitzgerald at Church Road Studios, Hanwell, Ealing.

The full line-up on the album is:

Keith Ames: lead and harmony vocals, guitars
Greg Fitzgerald: harmony vocals, keyboards, percussion, string arrangements
James Reynolds: harmonica (Nicoll Road / All over you)
Tina Barron: violin (You hurt no-one but yourself / The golden age of this romance)
Marianne de Chastelaine: cello (You hurt no-one but yourself)
Matt Schwartz: bass (Blind drunk and stupid Cupid)
Lorraine Haley: vocals (Shame)
Mae McKenna: vocals (Colleen)

Mastered by RPM

Album photography by Jonathan Stewart